All Purpose Herb Seasoning Blend

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I have made this herb seasoning for years, now.  It is a staple in my kitchen,  I season practically everything with it!  It is great in soups and stews, works well in many casseroles and rice dishes,  and makes a great  ranch seasoning for dips and dressing!   You need this in your kitchen!  Ingredients are pretty basic, most people will have them already on hand, but it cuts time and thought when cooking.  You’ll find yourself going for this one time and time again.  Oh, and it’s SO MUCH cheaper than the name brand, store bought stuff!


All Purpose Herb Seasoning Blend
Recipe Type: Seasonings
Author: Joy Racicot
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: about 2 cups
An all purpose seasoning that you will find yourself reaching for again and again!
  • 1 c. Sea Salt (Himalayan Pink is nice)
  • 1 Tbsp Oregano
  • 1 Tbsp Thyme
  • 1 Tbsp Basil
  • 1 Tbsp Dill
  • 1 Tbsp Dried Garlic
  • 1 Tbsp Chives
  • 1 Tbsp Celery Seed
  • 1 Tbsp Sage
  • 1 Tbsp Marjoram
  • 2 tsp Onion Powder
  • 1 tsp ground Rosemary
  • 1/2 c dried Parsley
  • 2 tsp dried Kelp (optional)
  • 1/4 c Nutritional Yeast (optional)
  1. In a food processor, or blender, add all ingredients that are in flakes.
  2. Blend.
  3. Add remaining ingredients.
  4. Presto! You have a great Herbal Spice Blend that goes with practically everything.

Store your All Purpose Herbal Seasoning Blend in an air-tight jar where you can reach for it often 🙂

Side Note:  I recently read about preserving fresh herbs with salt from  Jill Winger at the Prairie Homestead.  The inspiration has hit me to try this with the above herbs for a fresh herbal blend (minus the kelp and nutritional yeast), as I grow all of these herbs.  I think it would be great on grilled meats and in cream cheese spreads, and much, much more.  I’ll keep you posted!



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