Quick, Easy, Delicious, Finger Salad

  I don’t like to heat up my kitchen in the summer.  We grill a lot and add in different salads and veggies.  This Finger Salad is hearty with a super satisfying crunch.  I love to make this up for […]


How to Transplant a Tomato; and other life lessons

I don’t remember learning how to plant a tomato per SE,  it’s something I’ve just always  known.  Planting tomatoes was a yearly event in both my parent’s garden, and my grandparent’s.  The distinct smell of the young tomato plants, mixed with sun-warmed […]


All Purpose Herb Seasoning Blend

I have made this herb seasoning for years, now.  It is a staple in my kitchen,  I season practically everything with it!  It is great in soups and stews, works well in many casseroles and rice dishes,  and makes a […]

Green and red lettuce with the text: more garden space. Watermark joyonthismomjourney.com

More Garden Space

Isn’t that what every gardener wants?   MORE. Garden. Space. By using  companion planting and succession planting techniques you can get MORE garden produce from your EXISTING garden!       My cousin was telling me recently that she and […]


Journaling . . . a farm chore?

Every January I make a fresh commitment to journal. Each year this works out in varying degrees.  I can look back to some years and see relative success and consistency and then there are the years where there were only […]

Fermented food: why you should be eating it and how to get started

Fabulous Ferments

by Joy Racicot     yogurt,  cheese sauerkraut,  vinegar,  buttermilk,  fish sauce,  soy sauce .  .  .   I was honored to present on the topic of Fermented Foods at the Fall Gathering 2016 hosted by Larry and Lisa Matthews of Modern Missouri […]

Fairy Tale Love: What 68 Years of Marriage Can Tell Us About Love

What Makes A Fairy Tale Love?

  My grandparents grew up in the depression era and were each raised on farms in Southwest Mo. They fell in love and got married during WWII, Grandpa being deployed 17 days after their wedding. Their life was never easy, […]


The Great Potato Harvest 2016

Never grew potatoes before! Should’a been growing them all along. . . they are super easy! Late this winter I took some compost from the chicken coop and heaped it on the ground, in rows, where we wanted our potato […]