Poison Ivy

      Goats love to eat poison ivy.  This is true! To eat said poison ivy, a fence needs to be built. True again. solution: a goat grazer A beautiful plan . .   Did I win? . . […]

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Pellet Free Rabbits~ How You can Raise superior meat and sublime fertilizer for minimal money!

Pellet-Free Rabbits

I had the opportunity to share about my natural feeding system for my rabbits at the 2016 Spring Gathering put together by Lisa Matthews of Modern Missouri Pioneers  it was a great time (even if a bit chilly for mid-May!)  Posted here […]

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A fun activity to get your kids excited about gardening and teach them planning skills

Kids Garden Planner

  This will be my kids second year to have their own gardens.  They really enjoyed getting to decide what they would plant themselves, planting the seeds, then watching them come up. Weeding was a little iffy, but who likes […]

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We bought a goat!

Yes! We are the proud owner of a 3 year old Nubian goat who will supply our family with good,wholesome, delicious,creamy, raw milk! When you have 3 kids at home- one who happens to be a 14 year old milk […]

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Hello world!

You have reached the Bean Post Farmstead site. This is our brand new blog so there isn’t anything on it yet! We hope you will check back periodically to find articles on our pastured chickens,ventures into broilers, our first attempt […]

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