Benefits Of A Fall Garden: 7 Reasons Why You Want To Plan one!

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Fall vegetables with the words Benefits of a fall garden: 7 reasons why you want to plan one

Fall Gardening: the last push

The benefits of a fall garden are fantastic.

I know you are tired of weeding. The squash beetles have done major damage to your zucchini, even though you battled valiantly. Your awe of the beauty and bounty of your garden is waning with the oppressive heat. Harvesting and preserving are overwhelming you. The garden dreams of the spring have manifested into bounty that has taken over your kitchen!

Fall garden? You think not!


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I have some really good reasons for pushing through and creating a fall garden plan even if you don’t feel like it!


garden planning guide. gardening course and printable worksheets

Fall gardening is the last push

Fall gardening is the last push right before a break-through. Like a runner who has hit “the wall” your energy levels have plummetted, everything in you is screaming “STOP” and “I’m so done with this”. I am here to tell you that your second wind is coming! Don’t stop now and miss your second wind! Your breakthrough is right around the corner! Keep on keepin’ on. Be the little engine that could!

There are major advantages and benefits of a fall garden. You definitely do not want to miss out! Don’t give in and quit now! I don’t want you to be standing in the grocery store in October looking at some pitiful head of lettuce with a price tag the size of the Empire State Building! Don’t let that be you!


All the reasons to plan a fall garden

So, what are these reasons to plant a fall garden when you feel like throwing in the towel? The benefits are enormous and the joy is real.


lettuce just picked from the fall garden


You reap what you sow: the benefits of fall gardening

  1. A fall garden maximizes the yearly production of your garden. Plain and simple. By planting now, you can keep harvesting food much, much longer and therefore accumulate more total bounty.
  2. The variety on your table. Planting a fall garden extends your menu options. That lettuce that wilted and turned bitter in the heat will be crisp and sweet with cooler temperatures. Kale, salad mixes, cabbage, snow peas, carrots, scallions, another round of fresh green beans, radishes, root crops like beets and baby turnips, you get the idea!
  3. There is a much-reduced pest load in the fall garden! I mean, almost non-existent! So refreshing.
  4. There is no stress on the plants from heat. Even plants that like warmer weather can be planted now and benefit from milder temps if they are quick producers. You can fit in another round of green beans (bush varieties), summer squash for fall soups and casseroles and even cucumbers if you get them in 90-100 days before your first frost!
  5. There is no stress on you from the heat! A practical consideration. This is why I say there is joy in fall gardening! Of course, I find joy in the garden all year long, but the cooler temps and the fresher air of fall make the garden particularly enjoyable. Not having sweat drip into my eyes is a big bonus also!
  6. The flavor of some vegetables in the fall is incomparable! Carrots, lettuce, all dark-leafy greens, radishes; these are all so much sweeter and crisper in the cool of the fall!
  7. Some plants, when planted in the fall will give you a harvest immediately, then come again in the earliest spring! Parsley does this here in zone 6b, even with winter temps going down into the negative digits, uncovered! Such a nice spring addition to the table.

So, there you have it! 7 benefits of a fall garden. If you can just push through and get to planning and planting, you will be so thankful you did! In just a few weeks time you will be walking through your garden in the cool weather picking plump, juicy, sweet, crunchy carrots to go with that crisp butterhead.


picture of fall grown vegetables with an overlay of a quote "a fall garden maximizes the yearly producition of your garden


Fall garden planning ideas

Even though a fall garden is worth every bit of planning planting, there are ways to make it super simple and easy! More good news, right? I have compiled some tools and resources to ease the pain and help you reap all the benefits of a fall garden as easily as possible!  Get past that wall with ease 🙂

Plan for success!

Fall garden planning is the same as any other time of the year as far as you need to know space requirements, how long until harvest, you need to plan for how much to plant, and when to plant what, and succession planting is a good idea even in the fall! Sometimes the scraps of paper with all the notes can be overwhelming!

Getting organized

To have a great garden you need a plan, and to make planning easier you need some good forms and printables!

I created these Garden Planning Printables to help with all the chaos! It is not only filled with helpful facts and tips, but it creates an organized system for what you need. It gives you facts and formulas, then simple worksheets and forms to store all your specifics on so you can see all the info you need to plan and plant at a glance, without digging through mounds of notes! These cute printables will make planning a breeze!


Get Your Garden Planning Printables

images of printable charts directing toward a package of garden planning printables


Take the guesswork out

Fall gardening is not without its drawbacks. When to plant is not quite as easy as it is in the spring. Not only do you have to take into consideration your approximate first frost date, but with the decreasing sunlight, the time to harvest can take longer! It can get complicated pretty fast.

Is it too late? For instance, pumpkins, you want to harvest them in the fall, but when is it too late to plant them? Go here to find out all about How to grow pumpkins successfully?

For all your questions concerning any other vegetable Jason, at Seeds for Generations has created the magnificent Fall Planting Calculator! This free Fall Planting Calculator makes figuring out when to plant in the fall, specifically,  super quick and easy! Enter your average first frost date, and you’re set! I cannot say enough good things about this calculator, it will cut your garden planning in half. At least. Jason and his family don’t just sell quality seeds, their training videos and the information they put on their blog is really top quality and its great knowing you are supporting a truly family business!


pictures of vegetables direct to free fall planting calculator

Get the Free Fall Planting Calculator Here




Okay, now go out there and get some dirt under your fingernails!


Fall vegetables with the words Benefits of a fall garden: 7 reasons why you want to plan one



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