Best Natural Cleaning Products and Methods!

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picture of cleaning bottles and the title Best tips for natural cleaning methods and products

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Best Natural Cleaning Products. Hands Down.

My journey into natural cleaning products has been 10 years going now! I wanted the very best natural cleaning products at the lowest price possible. The very first obstacle was the price of non-toxic products, being green seemed to have a very large price tag!  The next was effectiveness, sometimes those high-priced products just didn’t work very well! The next turn in my journey was DIY which took a lot of research and trial and error to come up with something that worked really well. This post is about what I have recently found that hurdles all of the above obstacles and more with ease! Here you will find the absolute best natural cleaning products with money and time-saving tips. I am talking about cleaning products that are inexpensive and highly effective, and will make your cleaning life so, so easy! I am so excited to let you in on my newfound cleaning love! From the kitchen to the bathroom to your own personal skin ~ we have it covered here.


non-toxic cleaning products

How can I clean my house without chemicals effectively and inexpensively?

That is the question! Sometimes cheap and non-toxic seem to be worlds apart! You may think that you can’t clean your house inexpensively without using toxic chemicals. That is what I thought, but I was wrong! It can be done, and I will show you how 🙂

In this post, we will delve into

⇒ the best natural cleaning method

⇒the most effective cleaning possible

⇒ the most non-toxic cleaning products

⇒the least expensive cleaning products

⇒Give away one excellent product


My aim here is to show you the very least expensive, yet most effective natural cleaning method and products to clean your house!

Why natural cleaning products?

Maybe you are even wondering what the hype is with natural cleaning products? Are they even worth the trouble? Here is a study that highlights some of the damage toxic cleaners do to us: Women who clean face increased lung function decline

This article discusses hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and chemicals that are known to cause cancer, respiratory irritation, headaches!

One of the ingredients in a leading brand of disinfecting wipes has been found to be an agricultural pesticide! See this article

I don’t know about you, but I want to be avoiding all the above!


non-toxic cleaning cloth


The best: easiest, cheapest and most effective in natural cleaning methods and products

Making cleaning easier

So, when discussing the best natural cleaning products I feel it’s important to go into the actual method, not just products because it all flows together. Back when I was a mom of 3 sweet little girls, all 5 and under, cleaning the house started to become a real burden! Between late-night feedings and trying to teach the oldest to read the housework started sliding downhill. I remember one day when I was trying to make sandwiches for lunch: I kept getting interrupted, when the kids and I had finally eaten and I went into the kitchen to clean up, I realized the whole process had taken 3 hours! For sandwiches!

I cried.

It was all so overwhelming! When I found the book “Is there life after housework?” by Don Aslett, I grabbed it and devoured it! Don owned his own cleaning business to work his way through college and came up with his methods and tips and trick through experience.

I have been using his principles and method for 20 years now, and it sure makes life easier 🙂

The best natural cleaning method

The basic principle of Don’s method is to do light, yet thorough cleaning every day. It is the built-up dirt that is hard to scour off. I will go over only the very basics here, get his book for all the details and tons of great tips!

Bonus! By using these methods/principles cleaning becomes so easy (and easy to teach) that a small child can do it!


a cartoon with a child cleaning and a mom scolding illustrating it's so easy a child can do it


  • Vacuum every day. Once that dirt gets down into the carpet it is near impossible to get out. This also helps with allergens. Carpet cleaning really only embeds the dirt further and gets your pad wet, in turn causing mildew and other gross stuff.
  • Sweep every day
  • Mop every day      mop cleaning system, non-toxic cleaning
  • Let stuck-on stuff soak for a few minutes before scrubbing. While Don is an advocate of cleaning with chemicals, I have used his principles with non-toxic and DIY cleaners for years with success. And now I find that just plain water works great on most stuck-on messes with a soak time of just a few minutes. For jobs that require more,  baking soda will do the trick, but it scratches some surfaces. I recently found this natural cleaning paste that I highly recommend!    non-toxic cleaning paste
  • Clean your kitchen and bathroom every day! I know that seems excessive at first, and I don’t always manage it, but once you are in that routine it is so simple and worth it! If the thought of this is overwhelming, it is because you are thinking of the time and effort you put in now to clean each time. However, when you clean everyday it only takes a few minutes {promise :)} because dirt, soap scum, grease, and yucky stuff haven’t been allowed to build-up.
    • Bathroom:
      1. start with your mirror
      2. wipe your sink handles
      3. clean your counter and sink
      4. the tub/shower is next
      5. toilet: tank, lid, and seat, back of seat and rim, then the base. In that order.
      6. Floor: you might not even need to sweep after you’ve been doing this a while, just wipe it down with your cleaning rag. But if you do, this mop system has amazed us with its ease of use and ability to clean!
      7. Toilet bowl: actually the cleanest part of the toilet (the rim and base are actually grosser!) just wipe it out with your rag. Done.
  • Use entry mats. The bigger the better! A very large percentage of the dirt in your house comes in on people’s shoes, right through the door! Having a mat inside and out eliminates almost all of this dirt.
  • The rag. Don goes over the specifics of the rag you use and how to use it! The need for cotton, not polyester is imperative because of absorbancy. He recommends a large square. Fold the rag in half, then in half again. This gives you 8 clean surfaces to use throughout the project. When one side is dirty, fold it over inside-out. When those surfaces are dirty, open it up and fold them in, to reveal clean sides, when those are dirty, you can completely open the rag and fold again, with all the dirty sides in, revealing 4 new surfaces. Genius, right? Always having a clean rag makes your cleaning so much more effective. Now, I still use this method, but I use microfiber embedded with strands of silver instead of cotton.    rose colored cleaning cloth



Using this method will save you hours of cleaning a week!

The woes of toxic cleaners

For us, the focus on the harmfulness of chemicals all around us came shortly after my then 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with MS. We started eating only Real/Whole food diet and through that research, I started finding information about neurotoxins and carcinogens in cleaners. With all the work we were doing to see health improvements, cutting those out was a no-brainer.

As I grew in my knowledge of the nervous system I realized how important it was for my growing children who have Down syndrome. Their little bodies have an even harder time disposing of toxins!


If you have a special needs mom in your life, you might want to jump on over to 27 Ways to Encourage a special needs mom after this. As a matter of fact, some of these cleaning cloths would be an excellent way to encourage, as most special needs kiddos benefit from having a lower toxic load.


I still used all of the main principles Don Aslett introduced me to, I just swapped cleaners. However, the cost of organic cleaners can be prohibitive, so I started looking for alternatives! Quickly.


Enter the world of DIY cleaning products

I started with vinegar and essential oils. I didn’t love the smell, but it wears off throughout the day. And the price is right! However, it isn’t great if you end up not cleaning for a few days. Life has a way of happening… Or forget to check the kid’s chores! Soap scum and other stuck on stuff doesn’t come off as easily.

Next, I found detergent-based DIY cleaners which are easy, cheap and fun to make. They also work great! So, I wasn’t really looking for anything new.

Enter Norwex, anyway.


A new discovery in cleaning naturally

I had heard some about Norwex and I thought it sounded like a great “antibacterial cloth”  but, I was thinking of using them similar to my cleaning rags. I knew I couldn’t afford that many, so I had dismissed them.

However, I have a friend.

You know, that friend. The one that you can’t out-give. She is always there for you. The one who listens helps out and just does for you at every turn. Yes, that friend. She invited me to a Norwex party. I thought it would be a good time and I would order one thing, to support her. Heaven knows it’s the least I could do.

I am so glad I went!

When the consultant started talking about how their antibacterial agent (silver) renewed the cloth overnight and it could be used so many times I realized this wasn’t an expensive cloth at all! Where I was picturing needing 5-10 or more of these clothes I now realized I only needed 1! or two for convenience.

When I realized the money-saving advantages of these products, I bought more than one thing. And booked a party… To get more stuff!

A revolutionary cleaning strategy! You can have easy+inexpensive+effective

The most effective cleaning products

As I said before I liked my DIY cleaners. But what could be better? Using nothing! You can see why you need nothing here:  video demonstration


I like the chicken demo because it really shows how well the Norwex works getting up chicken residue. I know raw chicken is many people’s worst bacteria fear! After seeing a demonstration like this all my questions were answered regarding how well they truly cleaned, as well as questions about re-using the cloth after each cleaning! Before, with my rags, I would need a new rag each time I cleaned a really dirty or yucky surface, so that is what I expected with the EnviroCloth. But after seeing this, I realized that I could use the same cloth multiple times before throwing it in the wash and thus, saving money.

The most non-toxic cleaning products

How can I clean my house without chemicals?

Because of the design of the fiber in these cleaning clothes, as well as in all the Norwex products, it naturally picks up 99% of all bacteria with just water! How amazing is that? You really can’t get more non-toxic than water. Can you?

Even with my DIY cleaners, there are slightly questionable ingredients, like borax. I never felt quite at peace with that one, but it is actually better than some of the ingredients in the expensive organic or green cleaners! Yes, they all have some slightly questionable ingredients. Sad but true. And even though there are some contaminants in our water (I know you skeptics are thinking that!) It is as pure a cleaner as you are going to get in this ‘ole world!


effective non-toxic cleaning products that save you money. dusting mitt.


Usually, I am a natural fibers kind of girl. But the benefits of this are enough to make me cross over for cleaning. Even cheap microfiber will pull in dirt and bacteria and hold them in. The Norwex brand is made up of even more fibers per inch, so it pulls in even more bacteria and dirt and holds it better!

Another advantage of this brand is the silver I mentioned earlier. Silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent. Really. Look it up, it’s been used since before the middle-ages! That is why surgical instruments were made of silver up to 50 years ago. So, the silver threads kill the bacteria that the rag has pulled in, allowing you to use it for days at a time without washing it! You can tell the difference by the stink factor!

When kiddo #6 was a baby I made her cloth diapers. I was into it. Microfiber is wonderful for cloth diapers because it pulls the urine away from the skin and doesn’t wick (leak). It holds. However, there is one drawback. Smell. Microfiber diapers start to smell. Sometimes it won’t even come out after being in the sun for an afternoon. They need to be stripped which is a whole process not applicable here. The point of this graphic illustration is that microfiber holds so well, that it can get stinky over time. If you use cheap microfiber, this can be an issue.

Norwex has found a way around this. Their anti-bac material is made of actual silver strands, which kill bacteria that would otherwise stink! You may have to come up with a laundry routine to make sure you wash your cleaning cloth! There will be no odor to remind you 🙂

So, to sum it up, microfiber, silver, and water for a non-toxic mechanical clean that you can feel good about.


The best natural clean with the best price tag!


Quote for Best tips for natural cleaning


I have told you about my budget complaints about the organic cleaners. I’ve also told you about my drawbacks with Norwex products because of the price point. And now  I’m telling you they are the cheapest way to go?

I haven’t lost my marbles! Just hang with me for a minute.

Here’s the deal, what I realized at that fateful party.

Why you actually save money with the pricey Norwex brand

Norwex is not cheap, but it is inexpensive! Here are a couple of reasons I call them an inexpensive cleaning product.

These cleaning products last forever

Okay, well maybe not forever! But a long time. I personally know people who have had their clothes for 10 years now! Still working wonderfully. My rags certainly don’t last that long! So, each new piece you purchase is a long-term investment.

They keep on giving.


Norwex saves you on so many other cleaning supplies and products

Because of the nature of cleaning with water, and because they can be used for so long without cross-contamination there is a lot of other products you simply won’t need to buy anymore.

Here is a short list off the top of my head:

Paper towels

All-purpose cleaner

Window cleaner (oh, yeah! I forgot to tell you that the EnviroCloth and the WindowCloth clean windows and mirrors better than anything I have ever used. And easier, too! no more streaks!!!)

Shaving cream (yes! I’ve been using the BodyCloth instead of shaving cream for a few weeks now and it is the smoothest shave I have ever had in my life with zero razor burn or rash)

Bathroom cleaner

Body wash or soap (you can clean your body with just water, too! with excellent results)


picture of multiple use cleaning products by Norwex

The best in natural skincare

Inexpensive and effective natural face cleanser

I haven’t used soap on my face for years. Since old age set in a few years ago, I have had dry skin and using oil washing has been perfect for me. However, the last few weeks I have been using the body cloth for my face without the oil and it works perfectly even removes makeup!


Benefits of Norwex for problem skin

Two of our kiddos struggle with eczema and this had been working well for them, also. But I will say that their skin is typically better in the summer anyway, so I will keep you posted this winter!


The #1 money-saving option for the very best non-toxic cleaning

So, you want the very best natural cleaning products but you can see your bill adding up with all the options?

What if I tell you there is a way to earn copious amounts of products for free! With just a few hours time commitment. No, really. It’s possible!

Host your own party. Virtual parties are very effective (unless you live locally, then a physical party is a great option!)

You invite people and “show up” and I will do the rest. Norwex is very generous with their hosts 🙂

Contact me for all the info!







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