We bought a goat!

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Yes! We are the proud owner of a 3 year old Nubian goat who will supply our family with good,wholesome, delicious,creamy, raw milk! When you have 3 kids at home- one who happens to be a 14 year old milk guzzling boy with a hollow leg- a lot of milk in the fridge is important. Her name is Destiny, which we think is kinda fitting with our whole homestead journey thing, and how long we waited for a goat of our own!
We also purchased, along with Destiny, a 3 month old doeling, Sammy,  who will provide our family with cuteness, laughs, and probably mischief! She will also provide us with milk, but she has to grow up first! Sadly, I did not get a picture of her, but rest assured, she IS cute.  I will post pictures AS SOON as we get them home and settled.

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