Celebrating Our Journey With Down Syndrome: A Series All About Life Rocking That Extra Chromosome!

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Celebrating Our Journey With Down Syndrome : A series All About Life Rocking that extra chromosome!

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

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We are so excited to bring you this series all about Down Syndrome and rockin' that extra chromosome! Life really is better with you! We have teamed up with some of the best bloggers out there to bring you all the information, encouragement, and inspiration we can pack into 31 days! It's all about learning all about what Down Syndrome is (and isn't), we hope to encourage you in this life journey that you didn't choose, yet most of us wouldn't change! You will find encouragement here if you have a brand new diagnosis or even if you've been on this trip for many years. Our kiddos are all unique, with different levels of ability and a rainbow of gifts and talents, yet they are all worthy and should be celebrated!  we will inspire you by spotlighting real people who have Down Syndrome navigating the real world in their own unique way! And we will encourage you with help and tips for real life on this journey!

This series is all about promise, and hope. It is about coming through the tears - we have ALL been there - into strength and joy. Yes, joy! It's about taking notice of the beauty on this trip you didn't want to go on, it's about slowing down and soaking up the love! We have never met, but we get you! Our bond is as deeply ingrained as those chromosomes! It doesn't matter what else we have in common, we are instant friends, and I'm there for you. I've seen it and experienced it a thousand times on this journey. Mama's everywhere can sense that extra chromosome from across the parking lot, through the isles, beyond the waves, and from across the world - We've got your back! Welcome to our community!

As I promised, we have some of the best, most inspiring bloggers out there coming to you right here ALL MONTH LONG! Bookmark this page to navigate through the whole series!


Each of these bloggers pours their heart and soul into what they do. Most of them have children with Down syndrome that they advocate for. A few we have brought in because they have a heart for special needs and special needs mamas! Each one will be there for you in a time of need!

Cedar's Story

Dawn is a public speaker, avid blogger, published author, jewelry designer, and homeschooling mama to 6 of God's blessings.

You can read her post: We Need More Down Syndrome In This World Here

We need More Down Syndrome- CedarsStory


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She also has a new jewelry line you can check out! 6 Arrows Designs


JD Educational

Jeana Kinne

Jeana Kinne, MA is an Early Childhood Developmental Specialist. She has worked as a parent educator, Preschool Director and Early Intervention Specialist with children with special needs. She loves working with families, providing them with solutions to common parenting concerns, resulting in stress-free parenting! Follow her blog to learn more parenting tips and strategies that support parents navigating through some of the most difficult and puzzling aspects of parenting at www.jdeducational.com

You can read Jeana's post on

Soothing Sammy: Providing Every Child with Tools to Understand and Respond to their Emotions Here

An honest review of her Pre-K Your Way curriculum from the standpoint of  a parent with a Developmentally delayed child

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You can check out Sammy  Here

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Coraline and Us


We have a beautiful, captivating and adored baby daughter called Coraline. Born 7 August 2017, we discovered unexpectedly within hours, that she has Down's Syndrome and two holes in the heart. We did not know anything about Down's Syndrome when she was born. This blog is about our journey of growth.

I would like to share what we learn and to inspire others and, in turn, to learn from others. The world feels very connected indeed, with Coraline in it. So many people have surrounded us with joy and love already.

Our Blog is to show that everything in life comes back to love, and each post reflects our values. Our idea is to share some of the positive life wisdom we have gained from others as we write (both before and after Coraline was born). So, whilst the blog is about Coraline, it is also about this.

You can read Liz's post on Life with Coraline at one-year-old Here

Coraline and Us Down syndrome awareness

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This Life We Got

Shannon Striner

Shannon is Mom to two beautiful girls that have forever changed her life. Haley is an active kindergartner that keeps her on her toes and makes her laugh all day long. Sienna is her smiling baby girl who happens to have an extra copy of her 21st chromosome. When Sienna was born, they were completely unprepared for her Down syndrome diagnosis. The first years of her life have been full of learning and acceptance. Before Sienna entered their lives, Shannon suffered through four miscarriages and dealt with the challenges of Asherman’s syndrome. The past few years have taught her that you can’t plan your life. You can’t spend your life mourning how you thought it would turn out. You have to be grateful for what you’ve got. Shortly after Sienna was born, Haley came home from school and shared an expression her teacher had taught her. You get what you get and you don’t get upset. Shannon said, “Haley, that’s a great motto. Your teacher sounds smart.” Haley agreed and started to stroke her little sister’s cheek. She turned to her mom and said, “You get what you get and I love this baby we got.” At the time, Shannon was still pretty emotional and couldn’t believe that something so profound had come from her then 3 year old. Inspired by her wisdom came the inspiration for the blog, This Life We Got.


You can read Shannon's post on Our Kids - the Ds Community Here 

Shannon Stiner- this life we got

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Chromosomes and Curls

Sarah Ojar

Sarah is a wife and mother to two children, both with curls, one with an extra chromosome. Blogger and advocate for Down syndrome.

You can read Sarah's post on Zephaniah -the model baby Here

Sarah Ojar- Chromosomes and Curls


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Lili McAwesome

Diany McLuckie

Diany is a 30-year-old Colombian by blood and Marylander by love. Liliana is her daughter.

You can read Diany's post Here

Diany McLucky-Little McAwesome


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Trista Park

Trista Park

Trista is a warrior mama raising her girl tribe in sunny California alongside her outnumbered husband when it comes to all things girl. She’s a Jesus lover, coffee drinker,  mama runner, and special needs advocate. She shares her heart with all listening ears, will cry or laugh with you, and has a love for hoodies and healthy food. Her journey into the world of different abilities has just recently begun and while she has been a mom for a handful of years, her youngest who rocks an extra chromosome has captivated her heart from the very first moment their eyes met and is now changing her life in big ways. Her blog will take you on a journey with her as she discovers life through a new lens, with God by her side and coffee in her hand, grab some tissues and get ready for some laughs as she brings you through the ups and downs of this crazy thing called motherhood.

You can read Trista's post  Here

Trista Park with Bernadette


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Beyond The Waves

Julia Toronczak

Julia created the blog after her first year of college at UC San Diego, as she realized that there needed to be more Down Syndrome awareness. She not only to shares the story of her life while living with Michael, but to uses the blog as a means of sharing the stories of other special needs families as well. All in order to help educate the community of how rewarding life can be while living with a disability (or with someone who has one).

You can read Julia's post on  Why Down Syndrome Awareness Month is Important Here

Julia and Micheal Toronczak


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Abilities with a Twist

Karen Prewitt

Karen is a long-time resident of Jacksonville, FL, spouse, parent of two children, and advocate for those with Unique Needs. After the birth of her son Caleb in 2007, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, she has embraced the special needs community. She has spent the past eleven years working with a number of disability-related organizations locally, statewide and nationally. Her passion is making sure parents have information and resources.

You can read Karen's post on Looking Back/Looking Ahead Here

mischief - Karen Prewitt


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Other Cool Stuff!

A Book Especially For Kids With Down Syndrome!

Down On The Farm!

"What makes this story unique is that each of the children photographed in the book has Down Syndrome. The storyline is appropriate for all children and clearly shows the abilities of children with an extra chromosome!"

A sunny day on the farm. Get This Book

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Celebrating our Journey with down syndrome! We will be informing, encouraging, and inspiring all month long! October is Down syndrome awareness month!

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