Extending Gratitude: 6 Reasons To Become A More Grateful Person All Year Long

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Gratitude is something we concentrate on in November here in the U.S. while it is a good thing to have a specific day set aside to celebrate being thankful, it would be good for us to spend time each day focusing on becoming a more grateful person.

Most of us have so much to be thankful for, yet we are so busy with all the "things" that just being thankful is overlooked more than it should be!

We went to my parents for Thanksgiving for the first time in too long this year! Everyone had a VERY good time and I am so glad we went. It was good to spend time with family for no reason other than being together, and eating, of course!  I was happy to be able to spend time with them. Parents tend to be smarter as you grow older, their hugs more soul-satisfying, and late night heart-to-hearts more precious! I am very Thankful for my parents who have loved me through so many awkward and even belligerent stages!

Did you know that people who are grateful are healthier and live longer? Here are 6 reasons to become a more grateful person!


#1 Your Heart!

Practicing Gratitude can:

  • lower your blood pressure!
  • improve your heart health
  • create healthier heart rhythms

#2 Improve Overall Well-Being!

People who are grateful show better overall well-being. Being grateful can:

  • create a happiness that lasts
  • ease depression
  • lower stress hormones
  • reduce the aging effects of the brain!

#3 Lose Weight!

Practicing gratitude can stop you from overeating!

#4 Get Sick Less Often!

Being grateful can actually improve your Immune system function

#5 Feel Better!

An attitude of gratitude reduces inflammation! Which in turn, reduces pain.

#6 Sleep Better!

Gratitude can help you sleep better AND make your sleep more efficient!

for more on the studies for these findings See Here  and Here

“Some people may not be grateful by nature but it is a habit you can get accustomed to,”  Dr. Norman Rosenthal


Gratitude in Homeschooling

One of the things I am most grateful for is being able to homeschool our kids. And I am super thankful that I am able to homeschool our kids who have special needs!

Minnesota Country Girl had done a whole series on being thankful in the homeschool and there are some terrific posts there by some awesome homeschool mamas on what they are thankful for in homeschooling. The series is 30 Days of Gratitude in the Homeschool series!

You will find the posts from these homeschool mamas, reminding you of what you are thankful for in homeschooling as well as great GIVEAWAYS for e-courses, how to helps, and a gift card for curriculum rentals! Enter Here by scrolling down past the posts and contributors!

I am privileged to be a contributor for the 30 Days of Gratitude in the Homeschool series 

You can find my post on being Thankful For Homeschooling My Kiddos With Special Needs Here
There is also a Free Journal that I created especially for Homeschool mommas of special needs kiddos. You will find that at the end of my post.

My post and Free printable Gratitude Journal for Homeschool Moms

30 Days of Gratitude in the Homeschool series!



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Extending Gratitude: 6 Reasons To Become A More Grateful Person All Year Long! benefits of becoming more grateful.

Benefits of Gratefulness. Extending Gratitude to al year long



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