Fearless! A Devotional Journal For Moms Who Who Want To Be Able To Laugh At The Days To Come

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Person standing at the edge of a cliff with the words boldly written across the image - FEARLESS!


Being a mom is hard. You wear so many hats that even you have a hard time keeping track of them! On top of that, it can be quite scary when this little person you love, that you have cared for every need for, that you have invested thousands of hours in; is in a scary situation. Whether sickness, or circumstances, whether there is a threat to the body, or to the spirit of our children; our hearts ache possibly even more than they do!

We might hold it all together on the outside, but on the inside. . . well, let's just say we have our moments!

We spend our lives trying to make theirs better. When situations arise that are out of our control it's no wonder that fear shows it's ugly head!

It is what we do next that makes us.

In all circumstances, we can be Fearless!

No matter what life throws our way, we can "laugh at the days to come"!




3 Truths

We need to wrap our hearts around three truths

  1. God loved His son more than we love our children!
  2. God loves Our Kids MORE than we do!
  3. God's plan for our kids is BETTER than any plans we have for them!

No matter what, God's Got This! We have to get our head knowledge wrapped around our hearts in order to live in the Peace that God has for us.

Devotional Journal To Overcome Fear

Enter Fearless! A Devotional Journal For Mom's Who Want To Be Able To Laugh At The Days To Come! I've created this devotional journal specifically for you on this journey of motherhood. With scriptures aimed right at the hearts of us Mamas, we can clearly look at God's ideas about us and our kiddos. Next, I have included an encouraging or inspirational thought about that scriptural truth. And lastly, there is space for you to journal your own thoughts, what direction your heart needs to take, or how to take control of your specific thoughts or struggles!





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devotional journal for moms who want to let go of fear and walk in the joy God has for them

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