Gardening With Kids: All The Reasons, Tips, Ideas, and Printables!

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Gardening With Kids Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful

It has been said that kids and dogs are the 2 worst garden pests!

That can absolutely be true.

However, I say that need not be true! At least for the kids, anyway. 

The idea here was to compile a list chock-full of reasons, ideas, tips, and printables to inspire and encourage you in your endeavor of gardening with kids. Below is an index, in case you want to skip right to what you were looking for!


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Gardening with Kids Content Index

Benefits of Gardening with Kids

Ways to make gardening with kids successful

How to garden with kids

              • Getting them out there
              • Projects
              • Learning in the garden
              • Tools you will need

math skills

Books to include in your learning

Printables, Crafts, and Activities



The benefits of gardening with kids far outweighs the drawbacks! Gardening, even with young children, helps their development. There is evidence that gardening benefits the whole child, body, mind, and soul, in this electronic age it is more important than ever to make sure our kids get outside.  Gardening helps kids connect with their food, and even makes them more willing to eat new foods! And, trumping them all, it is a great way to make memories and connect with your kids! My kids tend to place time in connection to gardening events!

The year we made the huge teepee of morning glories,

or the year mom paid us to catch cabbage butterfly larvae,

and the year we planted all those cherry tomatoes.

you get the picture 😉



Get your Free Garden Planting Chart!



You still may be asking, what are the down and dirty benefits though?


What are the benefits of gardening with kids?

  • Helps their development

According to Michigan State University Kids large motor skills and locomotion benefit from gardening, as well as having tons of sensory stimulation and cognitive development is encouraged as well!

Macaroni Kid extends the list to include learning to plan and organize, as well as practicing math skills

Lemon Lime Adventures has a list of Sensory benefits and how to encourage them.

The Washington Post says gardening helps build happier, healthier kids.

And to top it all off, you can find a fact sheet here summarizing the benefits of gardening with children.

  • Keeps them Healthy physically, socially and emotionally

Backwoods Mama has 7 Reasons Your Kids Should Garden

And Capital Gardens has Valuable Life Skills that Children can learn from Gardening



  • Gardening With Kids Helps them become better people!

Jess, from Faithful FarmWife, has Patience on her list of 6 Benefits of Gardening With Kids as well as enhancing the ability to organize and plan, and fostering family relationships, and more.

Benefits of Gardening Tomatoes with Your Children

How a Garden Grows Character in Children of All Ages!

17 Essential Reasons To Teach Your Child How To Garden

  • Gardening with Kids Sneaks in Extra Learning!

Why We Garden in Our Homeschool


What are some ways to make gardening with kids successful?

Gardening is so fun for kids if you have a few simple things in place first! they just need to have clear guidelines, proper supervision for their developmental stage, and a sense of ownership!

Gardening With Kids from Proverbial Homemaker gives practical ways to teach with little moments every day as well as some solid thoughts on planning and what to plant

How To Make Gardening Fun

Getting Your Kids Involved In Gardening

Gardening With Kids-How We Do It

Homesteading Chores and Kids isn’t specifically for the Garden, but the same principles apply 🙂

How to Win At Homesteading With A Big Family has some great tips that apply to Gardening, too!

Gardening With Small Children: 6 Tips To Be Successful

Homestead Lady shares Five Annual Vegetables For The Children’s Garden, plus some other great tips as well!




How to Garden with Kids

So once you are out there, in the dirt. What do you do? Well, make it fun! Having the right tools, teaching your kids how to use them, giving them meaningful tasks, and setting appropriate expectations are all a big plus!

  • Getting them out there!

Molly, from JM Funny Farm has some wonderful picture inspiration of kids of all sizes in their garden!

And more here!

Squeezing all the learning you can from a garden! Summer learning

Top 10 Tips for Gardening in the Winter

Gardening With Kids When You Are Not A Gardener has practical ideas for those parents who don’t picture themselves as gardeners, but still want to teach their children!

A garden learning experience, Summer Learning In Our Garden

5 Tips to Enjoy Gardening With Kids

5 Tips for Indoor Container Gardening



  • Garden Projects

Jamie, from Coffee With Us 3 has some super simple engaging activities to teach your child all about growing things

Creating Garden Sensory Bins are simple little projects to get the little hands dirty

Brandi, from The Barefoot Homeschooling Mom, has instructions on How to Build a Simple Composting Bin with kids

Growing Fairy Tomatoes is an in-depth tutorial on growing fun sized tomatoes to keep your kids’ interest high

There is also How To Grow Fairy Salad (microgreens)

Nature Study In The Garden: A Look At The Life Of A Plant

Starting A Family Organic, GMO-Free Garden

How To Make A Fairy Garden With Preschoolers

Butterfly Plants With Preschoolers using edible plants 🙂

Planting Peas and a {FREE} Printable!

Teach them to Plan their own garden!

  • Learning In The Garden with Kids

Homeschool Garden Unit Study

Incorporating Gardening Into Your Homeschool

5 Excellent Plants To Grow With Kids and an Object Lesson

  • What tools do you need and what do you do with them?

Faith and Good Works has a good list of tools, and what to do with them

What are some skills to include in your garden plans for your kids?

  • Academic skills in the garden

10 Math Skills You Can Practice In The Garden

Gardening For Math Time has learning activities divided by grade level up to 4th grade

75 Reasons to Start Gardening lists (and gets you thinking along the lines of) learning from zoology and biology to art and ecology!




Plant Life Cycle For Kids is a free Gardening unit with 30+ printables

Plant Life Cycle For Kids_ A Study In The Life Of A Plant A unit study on the plant lifecycle. Nature study in the garden


Books to include in your gardening experiences!

No matter what you do, you need some good books!. Books can create interest, they inspire, they can take a child’s abilities and imagination to the next level. So I have compiled a segment specifically for lists of books on gardening for kids 🙂

Our Favorite Garden Books For Kids from Faith and Good Works

Gardening Books for Kids by Backwoods Mama

Planting The Wild Garden by Kathryn O. Galbraith

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert is a family favorite!

Roots Shoots Buckets and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy is full of fun learning activities to do together!

Printables, crafts, and other activities to inspire your kids to garden!

  • Gardening With Kids Printables

Free printable scavenger hunt

Garden Planting log

Kids Gardening Journal

Tomato Plant Learning Bundle

Garden Printable Pack

Garden Plant ID Page

My Garden Journal

Garden nature journal and seed germination printable pack

  • Kids Gardening Crafts

Bumblebee Garden Stake from Coffee With Us 3

DIY Bee Bath from a teacup! Cute 🙂

  • Gardening Studies

Build a Garden: A Math Project Based Learning Activity

 Gardening With Kids

When you take time to include your kids in your garden you are encouraging their physical and mental development, strengthening their thought processes, helping them stay healthy, giving them opportunities to work on critical thinking skills, as well as teaching them where their food comes from. As a bonus, you will have so much FUN!

Let me know the projects you have planned to garden with your kids in the comments!


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Happy Gardening!



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  1. We love to garden with our four kids, and ensure we plant a ‘grazing garden’ so they can nibble while we work.

    Not only is it great to connect with them while we teach them about gardening and where their food comes from, it is also a way to pass on the skills we have learned to the next generation.

    Cheers, and thanks for the share!

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