Creating Gift-Giving Traditions That Will Teach Your Child The Joy Of Giving

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Christmas Gift-Giving Traditions


Is the Christmas excitement rising in your house? I’m about as bad as the kids. I love the thrill of thinking up/looking for the perfect gift, wrapping, and the excitement of the littles. I look forward to how the house sparkles and how the tree looks with gifts all piled up under it with the beautiful wrapping! I look forward to the Christmas programs and filling the house with Christmas music with everyone singing along loudly! …and if we are lucky enough to get snow, with no ice!!!!

But which are my very favorite times? Watching the kids get excited about what they are making/giving to everyone else!! eeek! The plans, the sneaking, the wrapping, it’s all too much! Christmas doesn’t have to be full of whining kids, greedy for more and more. Christmas is actually a great time to nurture your kid’s Giving spirit! By building excitement around projects for them to GIVE, it is possible for them to almost forget the excitement of what they will be getting!


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I contributed a post on this very subject at Life of a Homeschool Mom, as part of her annual series: Homeschooling Through The Holidays.  You will find 40+ beautifully creative and inspired moms there sharing ideas, resources, and encouragement with fellow homeschooling families to make the very most out of homeschooling through the beauty of the holiday season. You will want to check out the whole series because there are so many inspirational ideas that any mom could benefit from around Christmas time! There are a lot of freebies and posts, and even a HUGE Giveaway for a grand finale!

So, whether your child is fixated on getting gifts during the holiday season, or you are just looking for ways to take this Christmas to a simpler level we’ve got you covered! Creating traditions that will help you in teaching your child the joy of gift-giving is simple, inexpensive, and doable by any family!

go on over and read:

Teaching Your Child The Joy Of Gift Giving

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Ways to make gift giving fun

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