Life With Coraline At One Year Old: Our Journey With Down Syndrome

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Life With Coraline At One Year Old_ Our Journey With Down Syndrome - Blog

What is life like with a baby who has Down syndrome? Liz gives us a glimpse into her world with One-year-old Coraline.


Words from a Dad on his baby with Down syndrome

My husband Kevin on what life is like with Coraline at one year old:


“Life with Coraline is just so special. She is so engaged and playful now. When I get home from work or when I spend time with her on my days off, she gets really excited and starts bouncing up and down on the sofa whilst making loads of excited noises. This is just the best, and these are the moments that I will always remember.”


Coraline- baby with Down syndrome and Dad


The love between Kevin and Coraline is something to behold. He just loves to go high energy with her, sing to her and cook for her!


Our Family Life with Down syndrome

Joy, Love, Fun, Appreciation, Growth! I think these words about sum it up. We are so happy all together as a little family. Coraline is our first child and we learned after she was born that she had Down’s Syndrome and two holes in the heart. Kevin just saw love from the start and for me, after the initial processing, I did too and I see and feel that all around us.



Routine and activities

Coraline sits in her high chair and has solid food three times a day, she loves to play on her mat and can roll, swivel around and get herself into a sitting position and back to lying down. She points at pictures in books with one finger. We have a marvelous Antenatal group, who we have a great friendship with. We go to Baby Sensory classes and a singing class weekly which we love. Everyone knows her on the high street, and she has the sweetest little personality. She’s calm and prepossessed. For example, this week we were stuck on the bus for two hours due to bad traffic and she just sat on my lap, looking around with her foot resting on the leg of the lady sat next to me! Our neighbors say she is a “model baby” as she sleeps through the night and has done since she was a month and a half old. She knows her mind though, in a lovely way, and will move to get to toys she likes, or is sad when food stops.


Coraline-baby with Down syndrome on the bed


She has a Physiotherapist and a Speech therapist who come to our house. We go to Sign Language Classes (as a bridge to language), and speech classes. Coraline has Portage (Developmental Play who come to our house). She has her Audiology checks and such. We also see her Paediatrician and her Cardiologist. These weave into our week and we have plenty of time for coffees with friends, and Kevin and I each go out one night a week with our friends, and together of course when our neighbors babysit. We have done this weekly night out each since Coraline was born.


Coraline and us- baby with Down syndrome and Mom


I was reading a blog recently where someone was saying they hadn’t come across too much difference in their lives before their child with Down’s Syndrome was born, but that they are so pleased that they have now. I feel the same way. I feel like I look at life in a much, much richer way. It’s hard to quantify that; only that it’s as though you have new eyes, and they are eyes which appreciate life on a deeper level. I am freer and easier too, and I let things go instead of trying to manage everything to fit how I want it to fit, as I used to.


We will be led by Coraline as she develops, and we will love each stage as much as this one. Of that I am sure.


We have a beautiful, captivating and adored baby daughter called Coraline. Born 7 August 2017, we discovered unexpectedly within hours, that she has Down's Syndrome and two holes in the heart. We did not know anything about Down's Syndrome when she was born. This blog is about our journey of growth.

I would like to share what we learn and to inspire others and, in turn, to learn from others. The world feels very connected indeed, with Coraline in it. So many people have surrounded us with joy and love already.

Our Blog is to show that everything in life comes back to love, and each post reflects our values. Our idea is to share some of the positive life wisdom we have gained from others as we write (both before and after Coraline was born). So, whilst the blog is about Coraline, it is also about this.


Coraline and Us Down syndrome awareness

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Life With Coraline At One Year Old_ Our Journey With Down Syndrome

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