9 Ways To Make Great Coffee At Home

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9 great ways to enjoy great coffee at home. Coffee in a cup plus beans


I love a great coffee! There’s nothing like good company and a great cup of coffee, sitting in my favorite coffee shop, catching up on all the goings on in one of my grown daughter’s lives, (or all three at the same time – which is pure, overwhelming, fast paced, mind boggling, soul satisfying, chaos!) Nobody makes a cup of coffee like my local coffee house, where they roast the beans themselves and put pure love in each brew.💖

But I live 16 miles away.

And I’m busy.

There is no way I can get there as often as I need a great coffee! So, I’ve adapted all my favorite drinks to brew at home myself. It costs pennies, and the results are pretty awesome!



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Note: your homebrew is only as good as your beans! You can use any ‘ole coffee and it’ll be okay, but for best results, use excellent coffee. For the best brew you can imagine, try my Absolute favorite  Coffee in the world!


If coffee isn’t your thing, or if you need a change, try an Iced Mint ~Tea Latte

Iced mint tea latte with mint and ice, creamy, cooling, refreshing drink recipe

#1. Espresso

all you need to make good espresso at home is this little gem!


get this espresso pot

It’s inexpensive and easy to use with fantastic results! Mine is worn, paint chipped, and stained from years of use and abuse! It keeps on cranking out great coffee, though!

It consists of a base, a brew basket, and a top part that holds the brewed coffee. Do you like my technical terms?

All the parts unscrew. You fill the base with water, set the basket on top, fill it with ground coffee, then screw the top on. Set it on the stovetop on medium-high to high and wait for it to brew! As the water boils, the steam pressure forces it up through your ground coffee beans and into the top. When the top is filled with coffee, it is time to enjoy!

Espresso is measured out in shot glasses, like these:

To get shot glasses

#2. Brewed Coffee

Even though everyone on the planet knows how to make a regular cup of coffee at home, I’m including it because I think it’s worth noting that you get a much better cup with a percolator style pot than a drip coffee maker.


Get this percolator

You can also get very good results with a French press.

Get this French press

These pour-overs are really nice for a single cup or in a hurry. Just place the pour-over on top of your mug, pop a filter in there, add a scoop of coffee, and pour hot water on top of all!

This one has a built-in filter 🙂

Get this pour over

Brew with any of the above methods, then enjoy as is, or add milk, half and half, or cream. You can also add any desired Flavored syrups.




#3. Iced coffee

Brew your coffee using any of the methods listed in #4, above, then chill. Serve over ice; plain, with Flavored syrups or with milk, cream, or half and half.


Coffee quote


#4. Latte

For a great latte, you will need 1-2 shots of espresso from #1.


To make your latte:

Pour 1-2 (or more!) Shots of freshly brewed espresso into your favorite mug.

While your espresso is brewing, warm 6-12 oz. (depending on the size of your mug and how much espresso you will be adding) of milk, half and half, or cream.

If you are really getting into this, you can Froth your cream for fantastic results.

If you like Flavored syrups, add that to your cup now. You can get popular Toroni or you can make your own. You can add a shake of cinnamon and some honey with awesome results. Stir your cinnamon into your honey thoroughly before adding the espresso. Then stir again.

Next: pour the desired amount of espresso shots into your cup, then add your warm, frothed cream!

Sit back and enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures!… .preferably while watching a gorgeous sunrise before the kids wake up 🙂



#5. Iced Latte

This has been my favorite go-to for years. I just love iced drinks above hot ones for more months out of the year.

Add ice to your desired glass. I like to use a 24-ounce canning jar

It fits nicely in my hand, it’s a nice sized drink, AND they don’t break easily when a random child runs by with arms flailing, knocking your drink off the table! …although I might cry over the spilled coffee, depending on other events of the day!

And I just found these! Extra protection from breakage 🙂

Anyway, add however much espresso you desire to that glass of ice.

If you want a Flavored syrup, add it to your espresso before you pour it over the ice.

The standard amount would be 2 shots of espresso, but home-style pots don’t make it quite as strong, so I find I use more than I would order at the coffee shop. I use 3, or 3 1/2 shots. It also depends on if I’m using milk, or half and half. Fat takes off more of the bitter. So more fat=more shots 😉

Then: fill the glass the rest of the way with whole milk, or half and half.

Presto! Enjoy your really, really good latte. . . and you didn’t even have to pay for those extra shots!


Four wen smiling

#6. Blended Latte

Simply make an iced latte, then pour it into a Blender! Awesome, refreshing. . .no extra cost 😉


#7. Cold-brew

Cold-brew is super easy and delicious to make at home! This is what I’m drinking this summer because it’s so much lighter than a latte, and that matters in this heat! It’s delicious.

I use a french press.


Add 1/4 cup of ground coffee beans to your French press. Fill the rest of the way with cold water. Place the lid on the French press, but do not plunge.

Place in the refrigerator until morning. Or 8 hours.

Take your French press out.


Then enjoy a glass of delicious – as is, or with cream, half and half, or whole milk. You could also add Flavored syrups.



#8. Americano

An Americano is espresso shots and hot water. That’s it!

In a 16 oz. mug start with 2 or 3 shots, then top with hot water.

Leave room at the top for cream. Or don’t 🙂

#9. Iced Americano

For an iced Americano:

Fill a 16 oz. glass with ice. Add 2-3 shots of espresso. Fill with cold water. If you desire cream, leave room for that! Add cream, half and half, or milk if you so desire.

If you want Flavored syrups, add it after the espresso, before the water, for best results.


Pat yourself on the back!

You just saved yourself tons of time and money! And it was easy, with fantastic results. . .and you did it in your pajamas, with no makeup on!


Here’s to great coffee! At home:)



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  1. I live in France and the sale of coffee pods here is HUGE – so wasteful and so expensive. In comparison take-away coffee is not a thing and you rarely see anyone drinking coffee on the run but you see lots of people drinking coffee in cafés. Mostly the French drink espresso or espresso allongé (closest thing to an Amercano I would think) and if you ask for a latte, certainly where I live in rural Normandy, they will have no idea what you want! At home I use either an espresso pot or what you call a French press and the French/English call a cafetière. In our holiday home I supply a cafetière and a simple filter machine. All these 3 ways make great coffee without the waste of pods or non recyclable coffee cups.

  2. Also, you can use your french press for latte milk! Warm it then plunge up and down until the volume increases. So tasty and creamy!

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