A New Year! Starting Fresh and Setting Attainable Goals That Will Stretch You

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A New Year! Starting Fresh and Setting Attainable Goals That Will Stretch You

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Setting Goals!

I love a New Year!

New goals, new vision, a new, clean slate to work with. . .

Call me corny, but there is something fresh and exciting about a New Year! I usually start a brand new Journal, and it is a great feeling to be able to wipe the slate clean from everything that seems to be bogging me down.


A New Year, Your Best Year! Conference For Moms


Exciting opportunity for moms this New Year

A New Year is a gift.

It's a clean slate, a new opportunity, a fresh start!

Goal Setting!

setting new goals is a must! Even if it is just renewing an old goal that didn't get met, it still feels like a new chance to change things and move on to success in all areas! I first start by dreaming BIG! What do I want to change? . . . Personal, Homeschool. Parenting. Faith. Organization. Marriage. Habits. Priorities. Business.  Food. Exercise. You name it, I systematically think through each area of my life and contemplate if I am happy with it. If not, what needs to be changed? Then that becomes a goal.

What do I want my life to look like? Abraham Lincoln said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." I love that!


Abraham Lincoln Quote


Goal setting vs. Resolutions

Goals are much different than resolutions. Resolutions are based on wishes and feelings. They are what people think they want with no real thought on how to get there. They are declarations of what we are, or are not going to do with no backbone. They are hopes flung out onto the wall that we want to stick there. Mostly, it doesn't happen.

Goals, on the other hand, done properly have a backbone. A good goal should:

  • come from a strong desire to see something come to pass.
  • be clearly defined
  • have clear, actionable steps on what needs to happen to get there
  • be just out of our comfort zone!

For more on goal setting Ruth Soukup has some great strategies and I love her Do It Scared! Podcast

How are You going to change things up for the better this New Year? What parts of your life do you want to overhaul? What huge, I-don't-think-I-could-ever-attain-that goals are you ready to tackle?

I have a HUGE exciting asset for your New Year!


A New Year, Your Best Year 2019 Conference for Moms


This Conference for moms is going to be a huge asset for you and shaping your life in this New Year!

I am pretty excited about it. I have the honor of being one of the 90+ speakers for this event so I have gotten to take part in some of the behind the scenes prep and it has been a super experience and I am a little in awe of some of the others involved here, let me tell you! This is an AMAZING group of women (and a couple gentlemen!) Experts in every topic imaginable pertinent to moms have been included! There are over 149 sessions and a Swag Bag worth over $800 that is yours when you sign up!


To see a list with descriptions of all the workshop sessions go Here

My workshop is on Giving Your Kids {Back} To God

To see a list of all the speakers go Here

This conference has LIFETIME ACCESS! This means that when you sit down to watch a session and then:

  • you have to take care of an exploding diaper
  • Orange juice is spilled all over a pile of schoolwork
  • you hear squawking and flapping because all the chickens got out and the dog is chasing them
  • there is screaming and chaos because the 3-year-old is on top of the bookshelf

or any other number of events that can interrupt a mom, it means you can come back later - when it is calm - even if that is a year later!!!

THAT is priceless!

I know there are a lot of Capitals in this post. . . Did I say I was Excited?

Here's to hoping your New Year is Beautiful!



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