Exploring Online Homeschool Conferences: Are They For You?

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Online Homeschool Conferences: are they worth it?

So you’ve seen the Online Homeschool Conferences popping up and you’re wondering what’s the benefit? Maybe you even question the value. You only have so many dollars in your homeschool budget, after all! There are many benefits to an online conference, including affordability and the number of quality sessions. This can help you decide if they are for you!


Interesting tidbit of information: I have never been to a Homeschool Conference! I know, it’s unbelievable. Each year that I wanted to attend our local convention something has come up. Sick kids, other plans that were a priority, finances, and the lists go on and on. How did I even learn to homeschool? I read. Extensively. Books, catalogs, magazines… because I started homeschooling in 1998 ~ before Facebook or even WordPress existed!

But now! The amount of information is mind-boggling. An online homeschool conference is one of the benefits and I am here to tell you why!



What exactly is an online homeschool conference, anyway?

An online homeschool conference usually has several components, here are some main features to look for.




  • Speaker Sessions


The main feature of an online homeschool conference is the speaker sessions. Just like in a local homeschool conference you will find workshops on all kinds of homeschool aspects by seasoned homeschool veterans.


  • Vendors


There will be an opportunity to explore various curriculum via a virtual “vendor hall”. These vendors typically offer discounts to attendees. Yay!


  • Community


Many online homeschool conferences offer a way to socialize with other homeschool moms and speakers via social media groups. Sometimes there is added value here as well with additional freebies and discount codes from the speakers and vendors! 




As if all that wasn’t enough many homeschool conferences will offer a digital swag bag of perks and discounts and deals from your favorite speaker’s products! 





What is the benefit of an online homeschool conference?

Anytime you are going to spend your money, or your time on a product, or experience you want to know the benefit to you. In this case, you need it to benefit you personally as a homeschool mom, as well as your homeschool! An online homeschool conference is one of the BEST values you can find! 


Why you should attend a homeschool conference online.


  • The Wealth of Information:


The quantity and quality of the sessions are simply amazing! An online event has the ability to secure speakers from anywhere in the world on an extremely small budget. There are no travel or accommodation expenses and the time and scheduling restraints are very small compared to local, physical conventions. Also, the number of sessions. Because of the relative ease of securing quality speakers, there can be many, many more! The ones by Conferences For Moms usually have around 100+ sessions!



  • Comfort and Ease


This is HUGE!

You can watch the sessions from the comfort of your own home, and at a time that is convenient for you. There are NO scheduling conflicts. If your toddler is cranky, you can simply pause the session and come back to it later.

You can listen to sessions while you are nursing the baby, or in the quiet comfort of your room after the children are asleep!


can attend in your pajamas or yoga pants if you wish! With your hair in a messy bun and no makeup on!

do not have to arrange for travel, or meals out or childcare.

can sit with your very large drink of choice, and refill it if you wish 🙂

are able to re-watch it if you wish.

Pro Tip: Look for conferences that offer lifetime access like this one. These are the absolute BEST Value!


Have you considered an online homeschool conference? There are so many benefits! This explores the benefits so you can determine if they are for you!!



  • They Save You Money!


You can attend an online homeschool conference for as little as $15! That’s it. No travel. No childcare. No meals out. No new clothes. And if you find a conference with lifetime access, that’s up to 100 sessions for $15. That’s why lifetime access is important!  Because what homeschool mom has the time to watch even 30 sessions in a week? What Homeschool Conference can offer that many sessions? Even if you could attend that many in a few days, your brain would go into a comatose state from too much information!

  • Expert Speakers

Learning from other moms who are in the trenches of homeschooling right now is of immense value to you. And with so many speakers available in these conferences, you are sure to find someone you connect with and can draw wisdom from. Whatever your concerns or struggles are there is a very good chance someone will be speaking about them and will offer you solutions and hope!

  • Ability to take it ALL in at your own pace

How many times have you been to a conference of any kind and found that the two workshops that you really wanted to attend were scheduled at the same time! That is so frustrating. With an online conference that simply doesn’t happen. You can watch every single session if you choose!

We all have seasons. We all have times in our lives when there is chaos. Therefore, sometimes we must simply just focus on something other than what we laid out to do on that day, no matter how important it is. The immediate surpasses the important. With an online homeschool conference (especially if it offers lifetime access) you can watch when you are able to carve out time in your schedule.

You also have the luxury of thinking about a particular session for an hour, a day, or even weeks before moving on to the next.


Freebies, coupon codes, products. There is usually some great value here. The 2019 Homeschool Moms Conference has over $900 in goodies stuffed into theirs! Amazing 🙂



  • Encouragement. Fellowship. Community.

We learn so much for each other. Another reason to take advantage of an online homeschool conference is for the opportunity to interact with speakers and other attendees. This is a super perk to homeschool conferences and you won’t miss out on this aspect online. In addition to the encouragement from the sessions, special groups are created for you to ask questions and interact with others who are experiencing the same struggles as you are. You also have a chance to interact with those who have been through what you are going through. And come out alive 🙂 Thriving humans who can bless you with hope.

Online Homeschool Conferences are amazingly valuable!

For all of these reasons, you will not be disappointed. Information, encouragement, quality sessions, expert speakers from around the world, money saving, valuable freebies, ease, and comfort. All reasons to find a great Homeschool conference online! 

So, what do you think? Do you think an online homeschool conference is for you? Are you ready to be encouraged, learn new ways to do things, and meet new people you can relate to all while getting an excellent value?

If so, you might be interested in the 2019 Homeschool Mom’s Conference! it is from April 29 at 9 AM through May 5

This conference has so much going for it: over 50 speakers, over 100 sessions, an interactive Facebook group, a swag bag valued at $900! And there is LIFETIME ACCESS to all the sessions! Very affordable at $20 ($15 for early bird discount) you can’t go wrong.

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