The Pig

  Well, we got a pig.   Friends of ours, Tom and Jennifer, over at the Jones Homestead, had been wanting to get a weaner pig for a while also.  They said if we wanted to buy one too, that […]

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Green and red lettuce with the text: more garden space. Watermark

More Garden Space

Isn’t that what every gardener wants?   MORE. Garden. Space. By using  companion planting and succession planting techniques you can get MORE garden produce from your EXISTING garden!       My cousin was telling me recently that she and […]

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Journaling . . . a farm chore?

Every January I make a fresh commitment to journal. Each year this works out in varying degrees.  I can look back to some years and see relative success and consistency and then there are the years where there were only […]

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Fermented food: why you should be eating it and how to get started

Fabulous Ferments

by Joy Racicot     yogurt,  cheese sauerkraut,  vinegar,  buttermilk,  fish sauce,  soy sauce .  .  .   I was honored to present on the topic of Fermented Foods at the Fall Gathering 2016 hosted by Larry and Lisa Matthews of Modern Missouri […]

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Fairy Tale Love: What 68 Years of Marriage Can Tell Us About Love

My Grandparents

  My grandparents grew up in the depression era, were raised on farms in Southwest Mo. They fell in love and got married during WWII, Grandpa being deployed 17 days after their wedding. Their life was never easy, but my […]

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The Great Potato Harvest 2016

Never grew potatoes before! Should’a been growing them all along. . . they are super easy! Late this winter I took some compost from the chicken coop and heaped it on the ground, in rows, where we wanted our potato […]

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Poison Ivy

      Goats love to eat poison ivy.  This is true! To eat said poison ivy, a fence needs to be built. True again. solution: a goat grazer A beautiful plan . .   Did I win? . . […]

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Pellet Free Rabbits~ How You can Raise superior meat and sublime fertilizer for minimal money!

Pellet-Free Rabbits

I had the opportunity to share about my natural feeding system for my rabbits at the 2016 Spring Gathering put together by Lisa Matthews of Modern Missouri Pioneers  it was a great time (even if a bit chilly for mid-May!)  Posted here […]

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A fun activity to get your kids excited about gardening and teach them planning skills

Kids Garden Planner

  This will be my kids second year to have their own gardens.  They really enjoyed getting to decide what they would plant themselves, planting the seeds, then watching them come up. Weeding was a little iffy, but who likes […]

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We bought a goat!

Yes! We are the proud owner of a 3 year old Nubian goat who will supply our family with good,wholesome, delicious,creamy, raw milk! When you have 3 kids at home- one who happens to be a 14 year old milk […]

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