Super Easy Guide To Planning Your Garden Like A Pro

Super Easy Guide To Planning Your Garden Like A Pro


You Want To Put The Highest Quality Food On Your Table


Being a smart mama who knows what you feed your family is directly connected to their health you know that growing your own food:

• is the best way to ensure that its the highest quality.

• will give you the best quality food at the lowest price point available.


But... the thought of a garden large enough to accomplish this task is overwhelming

I hear you.

∗ you are drowning in a sea of frost dates, germination times, and space requirements

∗there are 20 tabs open on your computer right now in an effort to remember planting dates, yield expectancies, and space requirements

∗you have scraps of paper spilling out of every drawer in the house with ideas for planting, weed control, and pest prevention scribbled on them.

∗you're paralyzed thinking of how to take all of this necessary information and make it into a garden plan.

You need something to make all the information useable.

I've been there. I've spent oodles of time sifting through stacks of papers looking for my last frost date and wondering where I put that note I'd scribbled on the back of a Chick-fil-a napkin.

Super Easy Guide To Planning Your Garden Like A Pro explains the very system I created to get out from under the depths of all that clutter.

I've used it, tweaked it, and perfected it for years and now I want to share it with you.

This is how you can organize your plans and ideas for the garden you want. You can go from not even knowing what a frost date is and hunting down when to plant that fall lettuce to a planting plan you can see at a glance. You will never forget that second planting of green beans again.


It's like having an expert gardener for a neighbor that you can chat with over the fence to answer all your garden planning questions.


garden tomatoes and dill super easy guide garden planning course
garden planning course

"I'm ready to get started planning my garden now, this is exactly what I need."


But you may have questions or concerns.


garden planning guide gardening.   

          I kill all my houseplants...

Well, I'm here to tell you...

Houseplants are so much harder to take care of than a garden. Really. Their small pot increases the need to water and their root systems are kept so small that they die easily when you make the smallest mistake. You don't have a black thumb. Anyone can grow things with the right methods and a few tips. 




garden planning guide  Weeds

"Wait! I tried to do a garden once and the kids ended up playing safari in the weeds all summer long."

In Super Easy Guide To Planting Your Garden Like A Pro you will learn how to get a weed-free garden with one simple tip that takes zero work ... well, almost zero 😉





garden planning guide. gardening with kids

      I don't have time...

     How am I going to find time to garden with a toddler hanging on around my knees?

Well, I'm telling you...

There is merit in the mom-time-crunch issue. I understand that you’re already pressed from every side. But with a few tips, the garden can be a great place for kids. They can learn all about it right as you go along and they’ll think it’s a great game 🙂





garden planning guide. gardening mistakesI'm just a beginner...

I got a beautiful planner once and it sat on the shelf because I didn’t know what half the terms meant - what the heck is plant culture, anyway? 


Well, I am telling you...

This course with it’s planning printables is different, it keeps everything super practical. And you aren’t expected to know anything going into it.

Forget about scientific names, as well as planting at a specific dew point during the crescent moon on the north side of the garden while holding your mouth in a certain position and tapping the ground 3 times with a special hoe.

You're not going to find any of that here.

...The whole idea is for anyone to be able to plant a garden and feed their family as easy as possible.


Garden planning guide for beginners. Garden planning printables and charts. worksheets for garden planning.





Get the best food for your family at bottom of the barrel prices


» Never again be stuck standing in the produce aisle in December staring at a wimpy, wilty head of lettuce with a $4 price tag.

» Stop worrying about running out of nutritious food because of bare shelves at the grocery store.


Learn how to plan a garden so

» You'll know how many tomato plants you need, you know, so you won't be forking over $4 for a single tomato in July.

» Your friends, family, and mailman won't be avoiding you like the plague because you've been pawning zucchini off on them all summer long.


You just want it done for you.

After Super Easy Guide To Planning Your Garden Like A Pro you'll:

» Know when to plant what vegetables

» Know how much to plant of each vegetable for your family

» Have a plan you can see at a glance.


... and a way to get there that's not going to make your head spin with frost dates, companion planting plans, succession planting ideas and space regulations until you wanna go hide under your covers with a bag of snickers minis.

in Super Easy Guide To Planning Your Garden Like A Pro! I show you simple formulas to use for your specific family so you can get this right every time.


After this course, you'll...


Grow the highest quality food possible for your family for less than the cost of one gardening tool.


 1.  Organize all your plans and ideas with done for you charts and cheat sheets that flow into a finished plan at a glance to have at your fingertips.


2. Learn the methods and get tips to make it possible to grow the best food possible and enjoy it with your family at a dirt-cheap cost


3. Avoid mistakes that lead to failure.


4. Grow your own food with practical, simple methods that won't explode your head with tons of complicated, technical jargon (like plant culture)


Garden planning guide for beginners. Garden planning printables and charts. worksheets for garden planning.



Super Easy Guide To Planning Your Garden Like A Pro  Will help you...


~Know what you want to grow

~Know when you need to plant what.

~Know How much to plant

~Make a map of what will be in each square foot of your garden, so you can know your plans will work out perfectly in your space.

~Make a simple companion planting plan that will be easy to implement in your garden.

~Learn how to use succession planting to maximize your space for the best return.

~Come out from under the cluttered stack of paper scraps with all the cool facts on space requirements, planting times, and how much to plant so you can actually find them and work them into a planting plan.

~Never be confused by Gardening zones or frost dates again.

~Make a complete plan for All-Year-Long harvets for your garden that will have you eating crisp salads in December.

~Make a customized seed list for your garden that will make your family happy at mealtime.


When you finish this course you will have a crystal clear plan for your garden in order for it to produce what you want and need. You will also be confident in your plans, and feel calm that you haven't left anything out and you won't forget to do anything important.





Yes, I'm ready to have a pantry bursting with top quality organic produce and a family with happy bellies.

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