The Great Potato Harvest 2016

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Never grew potatoes before! Should’a been growing them all along. . . they are super easy!

Late this winter I took some compost from the chicken coop and heaped it on the ground, in rows, where we wanted our potato patch to be. On St. Patrick’s Day we took our seed potatoes and sunk them into that compost. When they started sprouting up, I mulched them with straw. Later, I weeded, then mulched again. That is it! They were beautiful, huge plants. Then, I thought they had bugs, or the wilt or something ’cause they started turning brown and dying! It couldn’t be time to harvest already? I checked my calendar and sure enough, it’d been about 90 days! It took us about an hour to dig 100 pounds of potatoes! This was about 30 plants, we have some later ones that are still growing. Fun and easy, the kids loved this harvest. These will not supply our family in potatoes for the year, but it gives us a starting place to figure out how many plants we need to grow to accomplish that. Never despise small beginnings!




  1. I love the way you think! It is a way to gage how much to plant in the future. I’m impressed by your method and results. Much easier than my last efforts!

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