The Pig

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Well, we got a pig.   Friends of ours, Tom and Jennifer, over at the Jones Homestead, had been wanting to get a weaner pig for a while also.  They said if we wanted to buy one too, that we could keep it at their place   – I KNOW, good deal, right?  Good friends are gold.

Anyway, we scoured the country and found some Red Wattles for sale that had had no immunizations!   *SCORE*   so,  Farmstead Ed headed out with Tom to purchase our bounty!  They drove down the windy road, through the Ozark Mountains and deep into the woods to the farm.  A lady greeted them and showed them where to pull up to load, and that someone would be there to help them in a minute.  Farmstead Ed looked around .  .  .  Tom looked around  .  .  .  They looked at each other.  There were a lot of big pigs.  REALLY  big pigs.

Where were the baby pigs?  hmmm .  .  .

Finally, they asked.  “Right here!” she stated.  “These?!”  They exclaimed in unison

These pigs were 100+ pounds!

our “little” pig!

How in the world were they going to even load them in the truck?

The farmers were good help and


they were loaded and headed back to tamer country.

all -in -all we got a pretty good deal on the pigs  but,  both Farmstead Ed and Tom say NEVER AGAIN on the big pigs!  gotta make sure they are NEWLY weaned!

I’m happy to say that the pigs, 3 in total, are happily rooting and chowing down at the Jones Homestead.  We get periodic videos of them eating and doing pig stuff, and we get to visit them.  Tom feeds them and cares for them well. And it seems like it should be smooth sailing to 280#

the pigs settling into their new home





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