Top Gift Ideas For Gardeners Of All Ages!

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Top Gift Ideas For Gardeners Of All Ages!

Gifts for the Gardener:

Books, Tools, Especially for Kids, Gadgets, and Just for Fun!

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, that gardener in your life is absolutely thinking about, puttering in, or planning their garden! The wind may be blasting, the snow may be flying or it can be 100 degrees out there: but that gardener is certainly thinking about their garden. These ideas make excellent gifts for the gardener because they are always thinking of their garden.  January is typically when I spend oodles of time thumbing through catalogs, building up huge lists of varieties I want to try (that I will have to narrow down in February), and planning out space for each vegetable in my graph paper garden.

So, certainly, it is a good time for gifts that speak of dirt and seeds and sunshine for any gardener!

Spring, summer, and fall, on the other hand, are the time for action! Seeds, tools, baskets and other equipment are in high demand.



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Seeds, or gift certificates to seed catalogs make great gifts any time of the year!

Gift Ideas for Gardeners!

To help plan that garden, and to acquire new ideas:


As gifts for the gardener!


Square Foot gardening is a great read with a lot of good ideas.  And charts.  Charts of how much space each vegetable needs (minimum) and charts of germination rates!

Pest control is an idea that can be frightening.  And it is a lifelong learning process

A garden journal is so helpful; to see what you planted where last year, to see when you planted, to see how each variety produced.  One thinks they will surely remember in the heat of the battle, but this is not so!  Don't ask how I know... This one is posh enough to make you want to write in it!

Rodale's is a classic.

On my own wish list.  If your gardener dreams of Permaculture, this is sure to please!

This is a good one for when to plant what. . .

The ultimate in companion planting . . .

Ruth Stout is a hoot! And her simple, no work methods work!

This book is has a good overview of each vegetable from when to plant, to how to control pests.




As Gifts for the Gardener!

This little handheld tool is by far the most used tool I have! We're always looking for it because someone is always using it!


And this one is top of the line . . .

Gotta love these!

For pulling weeds, these would be priceless!

Multi-Purpose pruners are a must!

A place to put everything you might need AND to stuff all those trimmings to take to the chickens!

to carry in that bountiful harvest. In style.

Boots for the gals!

. . . and the men

What a classy watering can!


For the Kid who is a Gardener!

I know my 4 year old would love to work with this!  It's just her size, too!

I know my ten year old has been itching to grow some mushroom!

Here's a gift that will keep on giving! My kids love to haul stuff, but a wheelbarrow can be challenging.  Kids can do real, meaningful work with these.

Melissa and Doug! for gardening kids

Love, Love, Love these!

A good set for littler hands

And even littler hands!

Our kids have gotten SO MUCH use out of these!

Essential for slogging about the garden in the spring

Garden Games

As Gifts for the Gardener!

for when the cold is blowing outside!

permaculture playing cards

just for fun

Handy Gadgets

As Gifts for the Gardener!

Plant identification, in the seed tray, or on the ground

nice, little stakes with a wide space for writing those heirloom names! and lots of them 🙂

I purchased these a few years ago and they are still in good working order!  You can paint them for very pretty, or cool garden identification. . . or just leave them as they are.  They look good, and last throughout several seasons!

A whole foot tall!

Once your plants become monsters an ID tag is hard to find!  You won't be crawling around on your hands and knees looking for these puppies!  24 inches tall, you can see them at a glance!

50 of these, a whole 10"! great for seedling ID or in the garden for smaller crops!

These are super nice!

This soil tester is handy

Fun Stuff

As Gifts for the Gardener!

cute little sign for the person with an ornery streak!

garden lights! For the parties, you know!

Glow in the dark pebbles!


Woohoo! There are a lot of ideas here!  I hope you found something for that gardener on your list!



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Gift Ideas For Gardeners Of All Ages! Gifts for gardeners of all ages that will be sure to please!

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