How One Towel Can Boost Your Family Health!

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One Little Action To Protect Your Family Health In A Big Way


We all know handwashing is one of the best ways to protect your family health. We also all know that getting your kids to wash their hands consistently and thoroughly is a feat of mammoth proportions!  You teach the steps.  Then watch to make sure good habits are being reinforced.  You remind them to wash and lead by example. Only to witness your child slosh one hand under the running water, wipe it on the towel, and run out of the room!

I want you to know about this chenille microfiber handtowel that physically removes bacteria and germs from the whole family’s hands. The brand I use and am an independent sales consultant for is Norwex, we will talk about why a little later. By making sure the bacteria, dirt, and germs are off your hands is one of the best ways to protect your family’s health. Let me inspire you as to all the ways this towel can help you make sure your family is as germ and bacteria-free as possible!




Why you need an alternative method for your family health

It’s is nearly impossible to make sure everyone in your family is thoroughly washing their hands each time they need to. I mean, you’re not going to follow your 10-year-old into the bathroom each time to make sure of their technique, right? So then, a lot of us rely on hand sanitizers to make sure the job is done. And hand sanitizers do kill bacteria. The problem is … they do kill bacteria!

There are trillions of good bacteria that populate the human body, and these bacteria are essential to good health.

Bacteria are everywhere! … and they are essential for health


The bacteria in our body weighs as much as our brain–3 lbs! Bacteria can be harmful, but some species of bacteria are needed to keep us healthy. The bacteria on our skin, in our airways, and in our digestive system are the first line of defense against foreign “invaders” (pathogens) that can cause infection and other problems. source


quote about antibacterial wipes




The point being, when we rely on hand sanitizers we are attacking our body’s first line of defense against the bad guys!

Here you can find 5 hidden dangers of hand sanitizers that will make you never want to touch the stuff again!

That’s where this towel comes into play, microfiber mechanically removes dirt, germs, and bacteria from surfaces!



How one little towel can help protect your family health


Now imagine that scene where your kiddo runs to the bathroom to wash their hands for dinner.  They quickly turn on the water and wave their hands under the water.  Then they shut off the faucet (maybe) and grab a towel. But this time they reach for this chenille microfiber hand towel that covers their hands in little microfiber tentacles 🙂 As they rub the water off, they also are wiping the germs and bacteria off that could make them sick! Yay!



chenille hand towel



I know, I’ve just eased your mind and shown you a miracle, but there’s more! Yes, it’s true. Once those microfibers grab that dirt and bacteria from those hands, it embeds it deep into the fibers and won’t. let. go. Because of the number of fibers per inch of fabric in the Norwex brand, it has superpowers to hold on to that bacteria and it won’t cross-contaminate. True, many tests have been done. You can see a video in this post on natural cleaning products.

So, what does that mean in real life? It means that when your 6-year-old washes her hands, then wipes the snot from her nose on the towel, all the germs and bacteria go onto the towel and the kid is clean 🙂 It also means that when your son follows behind her, gets his hands wet, then wipes them on that same towel, the bacteria, dirt, and germs stay on the towel. Plus, the towel takes all his yuckies and keeps them too! And the next person, and on and on. Later that week… yes it can hold a lot before getting too dirty to use, you just throw it into the wash. Dry it and it’s ready to go again! Just don’t use fabric softener. That’s it. As a side note, if you use our Laundry soap you will save money and know all your laundry is super clean!


Looks matter! Having great-looking germ-fighting products for family health is a bonus


You have to admit these are cool looking. Serviceability is essential. But if you can have something that gives you peace of mind and looks good, that’s awesome!


chenille hand towels



The chenille towels come in these great colors.



There are also GREAT options for kids!




Peace of mind: Will all microfiber brands perform the same?


So, does brand matter? I mean you did just see another brand online cheaper, right? I hear you, I am all about saving money too! Let’s take an honest look 🙂

Microfiber, by definition, is 1/5 the size of a human hair. That’s pretty small. It’s this size of the synthetic fiber that makes it super absorbent and helps it grab even the smallest particles, including bacteria.

Norwex brand microfiber is, get this, 1/200 the size of a human hair. That is crazy small. It takes “micro” to a whole new level! That is why it picks up even better, feels better on your skin, and releases easier! That is huge when you are rinsing out stuff, but it is even more important in getting all that bacteria and crap out of the cloth so it doesn’t get stinky. I mean, it works hard swiping in all that gunk, but if it keeps it in there, yuck! Another factor in the stink department is that Norwex products contain silver threads that go to work cleaning the cloth and keeping bacteria from reproducing in it. You will know the products that contain this by the symbol that says “baclock” on them. It lets you use your hardworking microfiber longer.


In a nutshell

Plain, cheap microfiber outperforms antibacterial wipes. So there’s that. But Norwex will outperform them because of the smaller fibers. When you add the baclock to the mix, you have a winner.

You are a busy mom, there may be times those towels hang up to be used again and again for quite a while. That’s real life. Getting a towel that you know will keep working for you, all the while looking good and smelling nice is essential!




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  1. I just started using the Norwex microfiber cloth. I’m in love with it. Not only does it clean well. But it also rinse out amazingly well. Looks as clean as when you started.

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